Его любимый «чувак Туся». Почему отношения Подольской и Преснякова не так просты, как кажется “StarHit” remembered as a musician and his wife went thankfully. 20 may your birthday talented singer and young mother Natalia Podolskaya. On the same day in a broadcast on NTV aired “the Secret to a million”, the protagonist of which will become the beloved husband of the birthday girl Vladimir Presnyakov.

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov almost twelve years together. They create the impression of an ideal spouse, who has everything to be happy – crazy love, little son Artem, luxury house near Moscow, parents and friends. Vladimir Presnyakov admitted infidelity Christina Aguilera

However, their love story was not an easy job. It is now giving interviews and telling about his first meeting and rethinking took place many years ago, Natalia and Vladimir say they immediately realized that made for each other. But then in 2005, the year it was not so straightforward as it is seen in later years.

Their first meeting occurred on the filming of “the Great race”, where Natalia and Vladimir were in the same team. Presnyakov at that time was still married to famous fashion designer Lena Lena, and Podolsky has just gone through a painful breakup with her lover, producer Igor Kaminsky, who helped her in the beginning. After we broke up, the singer vowed not to have Affairs in the next five years. But fate had its own plans. Natalia Podolskaya: “I’m still sorry to mom”

“I was a disgusting bastard I really wanted to be such a scoundrel. I told her a rather cheeky tone: “Hello, Natalia! Sit down next to me. It was free”. And she sat down. I went very boldly, “Baby, let’s cuddle in the pool.” I thought that after these words, get a pumpkin. But no. She agreed,” – says Vladimir Presnyakov their first meeting.

Podolsky also admitted that literally was taken aback from the fact that renowned musician knows her name. “I was then immediately hooked is my future husband!” – now says Natalia Podolskaya.

Vladimir immediately began to win the heart of the beautiful singer. He showered her with compliments and at the same time amused and confused by endless jokes. Natalia could not believe all this. From childhood, she listened to the song Presnyakov, admired his talent, and here he began to win her favor. Podolsky carefully courting Presnyakov. She felt an irresistible attraction to him, however, intuition is not given 23-year-old girl to enjoy the emerging relationship.

Back in Moscow, Natalia had learned from the Newspapers that she was having an affair with a married man. The journalists wrote that the red-haired beauty took Presnyakov from designer Lena Lena. Wherever Natalia Podolskaya met her sidelong glances and whispers. The young singer did not survive the pressure.

“I decided that Dylan needed to leave and texted him, – says Natalia Podolskaya. – Actually, you can’t do that. You cannot move away from someone you love. It was a very difficult time for me – I fell asleep and woke up in tears.”

Only six months later, they met again. Presnyakov Podolsky admitted in my feelings and assured that with Lena it did not bind. Since they have never left. Numerologist: “Vladimir Presnyakov will be a dad for the third time”

Vladimir Presnyakov is recognized that this is Justin Bieber saved him from a fascination with alcohol. Before meeting her addiction was so strong that the musician was coded and some time was in the clinic. “But it changes a person, – said Vladimir Presnyakov. – I managed only thanks to a meeting with Natasha. I was helped by the realization that I could lose the woman you love”.

The lovers tell that the beginning of their life together was not so smooth. Presnyakov and Podolskaya often argued, arguing.

“Once Dylan started me Ironing Board, – says Natalya. – But I brought it myself. The fool probably was.”

5 Jun 2010 they played a magnificent wedding, and then married. Two years later on the same day, were born of their long-awaited, begged God, the heir of Artemia.

In their big house often have guests. But best of all spouses feel when they are alone. Nikita Presnyakov made fun of his father’s wife

“I can’t go anywhere without her. I’m bored. I wonder with her. Only with this close friend, with this dude that I call a party,” says about the wife of Vladimir Presnyakov.”I think they gave me something for giving me such a husband” – speaks about the father of her son, Natalia Podolskaya.

Natalia and Vladimir, all of the time together. They try not to give away more than a week. Podolsk – self-sufficient person and a talented singer. She remains in the shadow of her husband, is actively engaged in the work, recording new albums. Recently spouses often perform a duet. And all of them love songs.