Selfie Maria Zakharova brought her status as a sex symbol

Селфи Марии Захаровой принесло ей статус секс-символа The Director of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry on a personal example proves that the diplomat can look sexy. Recently, Maria Zakharova, posted a photograph with stylish hair and red lipstick on the lips. The photo sparked a heated discussion among the subscribers of the girl.

In December of 2017 Maria Zakharova will be 42 years old, but fans never tire of noting how youthful-looking politician. Despite high office and diplomatic status, foreign Ministry spokesman did not hesitate to share the vivid pictures. So, one of her last pictures caused a stir in the press and among its subscribers.

“When the sun, even with the clouds, and life is getting better”, signed selfie Zakharova.

Fans immediately bombarded the diplomat with compliments, noting that she looks beautiful in all her photos. Some of them even called Mary a sex symbol. “Classy, smart, beautiful!”, “Beautiful and stunningly intelligent, is of great respect”, “Armed to the teeth and dangerous as hell,” the members discussed the controversial selfie.

Zakharova is actively “Instagram”, talking about his daily life, work and rest. The speaker of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation loves sports, which is confirmed by numerous images of the fitness room. So, in early February, she began to prepare for the spring, sharing the frame directly on the machine.

Fans admire the wit and candor of Mary. Many of them believe that it has radically changed the public’s perception of the place of women in modern politics. She Zakharova has enough sense of humor to even joint the President to submit original.

“A couple of months ago I came home late. Very late. Tired of waiting for my daughter asked the question of the century: “And you Putin shook his hand?”.”No,” I replied. “I thought that stings” – disappointedly said Mariana Andreevna. And here on January 26. As a child at home to talk. And let him try again the soup to eat,” says a young woman about awarding the order of Friendship with its inherent irony.

On duty, Director of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry is compelled to travel a lot. So, for the last month she had visited in new York and in Madrid. Despite the busy schedule, the girl in the photo always looks perfect . It is quite possible that a sport is due to the perfect appearance of Mary. But joint moments with her husband and child Zakharova shares is extremely rare. Recall that the diplomat brings up a six year old daughter Marianne from businessman Andrei Makarov.