Vladimir Friske: “Dima illegally taken Plato’s abroad”

Владимир Фриске: «Дима незаконно увез Платона за границу» The father of the famous singer said that the famous host again stopped communicating. According to Vladimir Friske Dmitry Shepelev went to another country with her son without notifying the proper authorities. Next time, says the man, to prescribe a penalty.
Владимир Фриске: «Дима незаконно увез Платона за границу»

In may relatives of Jeanne Friske could see Plato. The meeting, which was attended by parents of the singer and sister, was held in the city circus, located at the Vernadsky Prospekt.

Native singer had hoped to meet again with Plato on June 17, however, the broadcaster took him to the sea, though, says the father of the actress, promised the bailiffs that the communication will take place.

“Then on Thursday from Dima received information that the boy was ill, and on Friday he with Plato sat at the airport and was heading to Greece, and he spent the whole day calling the bailiffs and asked: “where are You”. He would not confess, but had to warn the guardianship, or bailiffs, since the grandson is a citizen of the Russian Federation. Dima ignores the laws and lied to us again. Bailiffs already know, and next time will write Shepelevo fine. Now Dima will require two meetings… In Plato is flowing our blood,” said the “StarHit” Vladimir Friske.
Владимир Фриске: «Дима незаконно увез Платона за границу»

Photo Dmitry Shepelev Plato on his knees from the airport, the family got rid of the passengers, registered on the same flight to Greece.

According to relatives of Jeanne Friske, they are tired of fighting with Dmitry Shepelev and filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s office for failure to execute judicial decisions.

Dmitry Shepelev lie detector: Jeanne, Plato and the money, “Rusfond”

Владимир Фриске: «Дима незаконно увез Платона за границу»“Let those engaged in law enforcement – continues Vladimir Borisovich. – I understand that I have not found a common language with him, but what is my wife Olga and her daughter Natasha. Spouse for all his life never harmed a soul. Up to two years brought the Petoskey, the dust it blew. And Shepelev, it turns out that her eyes were offended… We will fight for a grandson to the last.”
Владимир Фриске: «Дима незаконно увез Платона за границу»

Recall that in mid-may, the family of Jeanne was able to see Plato for the first time in a year and a half. “The meeting was held in the Circus on Vernadsky at the time of submission, the lawyer said Sergey Fedorovich. – Plato sat on dad’s lap, his family was separated by the bailiff. At intermission, the family of Jeanne managed 15 minutes to chat with the boy in a special room. All cried and hugged. He knew the grandfather, grandmother and aunt. Vladimir Borisovich asked his grandson: how’s it going, how to get involved. Then all returned to the Lodge. Excitement Vladimir Friske ached heart”.

But then Dmitri again stopped communicating. On the anniversary of Zhanna Friske June 15, Shepelev had not come to the cemetery. “He sent to his neighbor, who walked and sniffed that we were saying who was, – said Vladimir Friske. – But that man knew. I approached him and he admitted”.

A letter from my mother Zhanna Friske: “Daughter, you are alive”

Now the head of Vladimir Friske busy not only trials, but also the fate of their stake in the country house of Jeanne.

Владимир Фриске: «Дима незаконно увез Платона за границу»“He has accused us that have not given him his share of the cottage, – says Vladimir Borisovich. – But why? He’s not going to reconciliation, gives to see Plato again in a year and a half. I have decided that I am going in the fall to take our part of the house. Inhabit the people there are fundamentally free.”