Husband Jasmine was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison

Мужа Жасмин приговорили к 7,5 годам лишения свободы Attorney Ilan Shor intends to appeal the decision rendered following the meeting. The defence team found the verdict, announced Wednesday, too harsh. The businessman was not present in the courthouse, as did not feel well the day before.
Мужа Жасмин приговорили к 7,5 годам лишения свободы

Today in Chisinau took place the session of the court which heard the case of a Moldovan businessman Ilan Shor, who is accused of embezzlement of funds on a large scale. According to investigators, the businessman was involved in the theft of three banks totaling $ 700 million.

Journalists reported that the court sentenced the businessman to 7.5 years of imprisonment in the prisons of the closed type. He Shor does not admit his guilt. This media representatives said the lawyer Denis Ulanov. The lawyer said that he intends to seek reconsideration of the decision, which he finds quite severe.

“We will appeal this verdict,” said the judge.
Мужа Жасмин приговорили к 7,5 годам лишения свободы

Denis Ulanov also said that Ilan Shor pled guilty and went to deal with the investigation. As said the lawyer, the businessman has not only helped to reveal the criminal scheme, but also mentioned the names of specific beneficiaries.

As the correspondent, the entrepreneur was not present at the hearing. According to lawyers, on the eve of Ilan Shor wasn’t feeling well, so he had to urgently go to the doctors. The businessman called the ambulance.

The husband of singer Jasmine about a year spent under house arrest. The court decided to place the man under court control. Earlier, in a candid interview with “StarHit” the singer told, how to stay within the four walls affected her loved one.

Jasmine: “the husband has a heart problem”

“A few years ago my husband learned that he has heart problems. Then he took a course of treatment, and after that, we were constantly observed by a cardiologist. In connection with all the latest developments heart again beginning to falter. I am extremely worried and worried about this, I hope, in a short time staging this theatre over and will be proven innocent Ilana, and the criminals will be held accountable”, – shared the singer.

The prosecution asked to sentence the businessman to 19 years of imprisonment in the case of the withdrawal of one billion euros from a number of banks of Moldova. According to information that appeared on the website of the news Agency Sputnik, Prosecutor Andrew baesu was dissatisfied with the verdict, as advocates for more severe punishment.