Lena Lenina revealed the figure in a swimsuit

Лена Ленина показала фигуру в купальнике
Socialite showed seductive.

Лена Ленина показала фигуру в купальнике

Lena Lenina never ceases to please its users in the microblog
photos in swimsuit. Moreover, the business woman does not forget
to shock the audience. At this time Lenin was struck by the fact that floats do not
in swimsuit, suit. Perhaps Lena decided to plunge into the dress for
beautiful shot, and really takes a sea bath like this. However, in the following screenshot socialite showed
figure in a bathing suit, trying to take more sexual position. “What is
“garbage”? — Imagine: sea, warm sand, light breeze, sun
and birds singing… But everything else is garbage!”, — says Lenin.

We will remind, Lena Lenina recently called for all women to wear
skirt. The writer explained that the pants of the fairer sex
it was necessary to put forcedly, and the fashion for them came from poverty. “In the period
The first world war, replacing men with machines, women took over and their working
clothes together with trousers, says Lenin. — Not to mention the cigarettes and
short haircuts… Before the Second world war, skirts and beautiful dresses
again began to struggle actively with pants and almost had defeated them, as
the war began and the post-war dire economic situation has forced all
to save. Purchase stocking nor in any fashionistas don’t have enough money, so pants
back in everyday life. And with the advent of the fashion of jeans left in it

With all the economic advantages of the pants, Elena says that
jeans are harmful to women’s health. And men will always give
prefer women in a skirt, as this makes the clothes ladies
to care for themselves.