Vlad Topalov has paid off, with sharp remarks full of girls

Влад Топалов оправдался после резкого высказывания в адрес полной девушки Artist hounded over his words. Now Vlad Topalov resting in London. Showing the cafe where he bought ice cream, the singer insulted the girl’s body, hinting that she should not eat such high-calorie product. Now he hastened to clarify the situation.
Влад Топалов оправдался после резкого высказывания в адрес полной девушки

At the moment Vlad Topalov and Regina Todorenko rest in London. Pair long time hid their relationship, enjoys exploring the British capital. Recently, Vlad visited the cafe where they sell delicious ice cream. In the caption to the snapshot that was taken at a school, the actor criticized another of his visitor. According to the singer, this girl got too much ice cream, though she shouldn’t eat it. Then he closed comments to the post.

Users of Instagram condemned Topalov, noting that he has no right in the eyes and publicly Express this position. Vlad decided to make excuses and wrote a long post about his attitude to excess weight, and also noted what should be a woman.

“I would like to discuss the situation. I terribly thick and, unfortunately, a glutton. That’s why I’m killing myself in the gym for hours every day! Starving for weeks, then still afford to eat off fine, as we probably all love. I in any case did not intend to offend anyone. I myself am exactly the same! But! Forgive me for my position, but I believe that the woman is bound to look good! To be a mother and wife – the two main women’s roles, given to her by God and nature. I was raised as one since childhood, and I have plenty of examples where women try and work to fit it.

I always safely talk and talk about their shortcomings, and they are not afraid. Don’t consider myself perfect. On the contrary, at all! And I know that if you put a task, it is always possible to achieve, though not always easy. We all every day have to fight with ourselves to be in shape. Not only in appearance. And you all know it. And Yes, I believe that if you have problems with weight, they should be eliminated and not stick. I respect all and did not teach. Everyone has their own attitude and your Outlook on life. I just shared with you my point of view, from which to withdraw, sorry, I will not,” said Topalov.

According to Vlad, the man must understand when you should limit yourself to sweet. “The girl was very sweet and God bless her and you all good health. I just think that you can abstain from the sweet in this case, if you haven’t noticed, I myself also was standing and got me a basin of sugar, and happily ate it, for now and paying the price, gaining for 4 days five pounds,” – said Topalov.

However, the artist failed to justify. “You don’t know the person, while discussing the fact that she is not taking care of himself. You don’t know what it is, yeah, maybe she really eats a lot, and maybe because of health problems”. “After the words: “a Woman should and must” possible even not to read it, it is safe to say what you primitive people. Imagine, women are people too, and don’t owe anyone anything,” continued the indignant users of social networks.