Speech Zemfira brought to tears Litvinov

Выступление Земфиры довело Литвинову до слез The Director only recently saw the appeal of a friend to her mentor. Renata Litvinova grieved the death of Kira Muratova. As it turned out, the filmmaker was a fan of creativity Zemfira, which at one of their concerts sang a few lines in her address.

In early June, died a famous film Director Kira Muratova. For a long time she worked with Renata Litvinova, which only after meeting with the master tried his hand as an actress. The celebrity admitted that he had refused offers of other Directors who liked her type, but Muratova turned up all the way. Renata considers it his teacher. She paid attention to the details, in particular, and on music that sounds in the movies. It turned out, Kira was filled with creativity close friend Litvinova.

“With me, in my eyes, Kira loved Temperino music — somehow these two brilliant women liked each other. Kira came to her concert in Odessa — Zemfira invited her and sang in the lines of his song, “I love you, Kira Muratova!..” I recently saw this piece and cried,” admitted the Director.

Now Litvinova hard to survive the death of his mentor. However, the Director admitted that in recent years often visited her and only came to the funeral. Kira lived in Odessa. The celebrity shared that he has learned the principles that were trying to instill in her Muratov.

“My main life lesson from Kira to be a little way off, one, separate. To be able to go against all. To be able to be annoying to be able to put up with the misunderstanding and continue anyway. And she taught me to love the movie. And forgive. And to be a female Director was also taught it. She’s like my second University, which lasted almost thirty years. And she taught me once: “you Want I tell you a secret? Mounted — all! There are no rules!” It is in this gap where there are no rules there and hide all geniuses,” recalls Renata.

Litvinov admitted that she is not enough Muratova. She grieved her passing. Renata said that Kira was protecting her from those who unjustly criticized or bullied. The actress and the Director admitted in an interview with “Daily Poster” that was the idea of teacher as mother.

“Losing her now realize how in love with this man. I loved her very much. She showed me, taught me many things — almost everything in the movie. She was always ruthlessly honest with me. And with all of them. And she constantly amazed me with his life and creative attitudes and his audacity that is only found in very young. I never felt her age — she always thought as a young. Was good and noble, like all human treachery and misfortune did not spoil its relations to the people,” – said Renata.

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