Marina Afrikantov preparing for the wedding

Марина Африкантова готовится к свадьбе Roman Capably made the girl a proposal of marriage. Marina Afrikantov happier, and therefore hastened to share the joy with their fans. They are going to arrange a celebration in the Seychelles.
Марина Африкантова готовится к свадьбе

The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Marina Afrikantov is going to go down the aisle with her chosen Novel Kapakli. The young man did sweetheart proposal of marriage. Marina overjoyed. She rushed to share their joy with the fans. The girl said that when Roman admitted his love for her, she did not expect such a development. Moreover, it seemed to her that the elect wants to put an end to their relationship. But it was not so.

“Today I am the happiest in the world. My Daisy made me an offer. It was so unexpected. When he began his speech, I thought we were finished,” wrote Marina in the microblog.
Марина Африкантова готовится к свадьбе

Now the couple planning the celebration. Lovers want to get married on one of the sites of the reality show, namely the Seychelles. Marina and Roma think through the details of the upcoming celebration. Earlier the pair participated in the competition “Wedding in a million”, but failed to win. This fact has not marred their happiness, and therefore they will still throw a big celebration.

Марина Африкантова готовится к свадьбе“Soon we will have a Seychelles wedding. Tomorrow we start training. The island will rattle. I’ll keep you informed, as I will need your advice, – asked the Marina to the fans. – I love you, my Rum! You make me happy”.
Марина Африкантова готовится к свадьбе

Despite the fact that only now Kapakli did offer Africanoboi, it would not hurt the girl previously dream about the wedding. She even began to choose her wedding dress.

In the beginning of last year Afrikantov broke up with another member of telestroke Andrey Chuyev. The girl did not want to leave the reality show after him. This put an end to their relationship. Then began to open other details of their breakup. As it turned out, the man was accused that he allows himself to spend money sweetheart. Andrey Chuev is threatening to settle scores with life from-for Marina Afrikantov

In summer the Marina is beginning to accept the courtship of the Novel, which is almost 10 years younger girls. The mother of Afrikantova supported the daughter and saw nothing wrong with the age difference. She thinks it is irrelevant, and the girls were fans of the older, but this does not lead to anything.

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