Vitas have been selling silicone dolls

Витас занялся продажей силиконовых кукол The singer tries himself in the field of business. The artist engaged in entrepreneurial activity to be useful for fans. Vitas has created toys, inspired by the Hobbies of their children. The heirs of the musician pushed him to starting one’s own business.
Витас занялся продажей силиконовых кукол

In recent times the legendary artist, who conquered not only our country but the whole world, Vitaly Grachev, better known to the public as a singer Vitas has actively engaged in entrepreneurship. A month ago he created his own social network Taingle, and recently opened the website of “New world” for the sale of unique dolls from silicone brand “Tcl” and other exclusive things. According to Vitaly, to engage in the production of toys, it pushed the love of her children – eight-year-old Alla and Maxim two years.

“I always want to do something for them, – said Vitaly. – My daughter loves dolls and first silicone baby that I created just for her: he drew the sketch, I choose the safe material. In our time, by the way, not all companies create toys can boast environmental friendliness of production, and we just make this the main focus.
Витас занялся продажей силиконовых кукол

Besides, I don’t like that nowadays parents buy their children strange dolls, zombies, witches… I think it teaches kids anything good. We manufacture realistic dolls that will be useful not only for games but also for expectant mothers who will be able to train on our products – how to bathe, hold her head up… They look very natural. Even weigh three kilos, like a real child.” Vitas: “I will make every effort to save the family”

On the celebrity site are 12 dolls cost from 4 from 45 thousand rubles.

“Today we have about a hundred pre-orders for the toys – said Grachev. And I don’t intend to stop – I really want to do for people something good. Tell you a secret, soon I want to start a website selling fruit green teas – tasty and healthy. I decided not to dwell on work. Man must evolve in different directions. Thank God, now I can not only delight admirers of my talent all over the world with their songs, but to lead a group of companies. However, to buy these dolls yet possible designers and artists work on improving it. That silicone babies have reappeared in stock, I will report on their pages in social networks. Over time this site will be sold as exclusive novelties from around the world. For example, China is now testing a skateboard, flying over the pavement – like in the movie “Back to the future”. After it will appear on the markets of China, you can buy it from us.”