In the network appeared the treatment’s daughter Dana Borisova to mother

В Сети появилось обращение дочери Даны Борисовой к матери Visit the star published a post supposedly written by Pauline. Fans of Dana Borisova surprised these updates in the microblog celebrities. At the moment the TV is in rehab abroad.
В Сети появилось обращение дочери Даны Борисовой к матери

A couple of weeks ago it became known about drug addiction of Dana Borisova. Her mother Ekaterina Ivanovna told about the difficult situation in the program “Let them talk”. Then a celebrity was sent to Thailand, where she is now undergoing rehabilitation. In the early days, according to some, she was not allowed to use a mobile phone. Today, the network appeared the information that the daughter of TV presenter Polina wants to contact the mother, because they do not understand where that is. On the personal page Borisova in Instagram post was published, allegedly written by her successor.

“Recently I participated in a competition in singing, and gave me a Cup with a letter, wanted to show you. Imagine all this time grandmother Kate lives in our apartment,and I can’t get my stuff and books. I don’t want to go there. Thanks to my dad, he bought me all new,” said Pauline.

According to the girl, she was tired of intense public attention. Daughter Borisova argues that it prevents her learn in school. The heiress of the presenter hopes that her dad will be able to resolve all disputed issues. Judging by the alarming words of Schoolgirls, she doesn’t want to communicate with my grandmother. Recall that while Dana is being treated, Pauline is with the father, Maxim Aksenov. Dana Borisova ready to sue the mother for the daughter

Many fans of the TV presenter sympathized with the girl, but there were also those who questioned the veracity of this statement, although Pauline says in the video that she made the post. “Dana was in control from the phone? Funny, well, honestly. Came up with a very implausible”, “not a child Writes”, “Wrote Dana, very recognizable, Text, written by Dana, published Pauline, that’s all!” comment subscribers presenter.

Recall that daughter Dana Borisova in August of this year will be 10 years old. In the absence of a mother, the girl resides with her father. It is unknown, I do read the anchor post Pauline, and how she responded to it. Previously, Borisov admitted that ready to do anything for the sake of heir. A woman goes out of her way to Katherine took her Pauline.