Singer Manizha: “the Father was ashamed of me because of my profession”

Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии» The artist began his career, shooting 15-second clips for “Instagram”. Now the creativity Manii being followed by hundreds of thousands of people. In anticipation of the concert in St. Petersburg, the singer said “StarHit” about the uneasy relationship in the family and familiarity with Lana Del Rey.
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»

Singer Manizha filmed the blockbuster commercials with the MOP and forced to sing in the streets of strangers. 25-year-old actress loves to surprise the audience. Apparently, because of this, her army of fans is growing by leaps and bounds. Music like the singer Vera Brezhneva, Polina Gagarina and many other Russian pop stars. The first 15-second video with the songs the girl began to record and upload to Instagram from despair, being in depression. In the end, it was a world’s first instagram-album “Manuscript” and on may 20, Manizha will give a big concert on the stage of the Ice Palace. The singer told “StarHit”, why 10 years did not communicate with his father and that she was still ashamed in front of mom.

You became famous thanks to Instagram. What charm had to do for the sake of popularity?
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»Each video is hard labor and pleasure. I remembered two videos – one filmed in Moscow, the other in new York, when I asked passers-by to sing with me. Some days I’m like a crazy person walked the streets with a telephone, a tripod, a recording device, approached everyone and said, “hi, my name is Manizha, let’s sing together!” Wanted to show that it is not necessary to have musical education to make a cool video. Enough to accept and surrender to childlike. I was able to meet different people: some are immediately refused, but there were those, who, absolutely not hitting the right notes, so blissed out!—
You consciously strived to be a star Network?
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»Honestly, you can take a video of despair. I participated in an international project, working in England, were in the Studio with Michael Spencer, he worked with Kylie Minogue, I had a contract for one album. I have done a great job, giving this four years of life. And all this in what have not resulted. Because of the financial crisis, which has hit everyone, the project was closed. Being depressed, I returned to Moscow. Literally went crazy. And invented a game once a week to upload videos to brighten Monday. I asked: “People, what song you want to hear?” Then chose the one that I also like, did the cover, noted in the video “human winner”, that their friends and on down the chain. A month of such work brought 10 thousand subscribers. “Instagram” was my springboard, where I met part of my team, which is now working. I want to be an example to those who dare not. To prove that “Instagram” can you get up on the stage “Ice”. Don’t need no radio station, no locomotives attachments…
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»
With fans you tight?
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»They form the basis of my existence. I try to reply to everyone: personal messages, by mail, everywhere. However, it is increasingly difficult to do because a lot of them now. For me it’s a way to figure out what to do next. —
Changed something after a critical review?
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»I have been a precedent. The ninth of may 2016, made a video for the song “Dark night”. Turned a huge discussion, I received a lot of criticism. Meet all the well-wishers: “Thank you very much. Probably, and you really shouldn’t have to do that.” And surprisingly, they immediately changed their opinion. People just wanted attention, didn’t expect that I will respond to them.—
Are there fans of famous people.
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»I have a good relationship with Vera Brezhneva. Once did a repost of my video and it was incredibly nice! Polina Gagarina, Timur Rodriguez, Anfisa Chekhov also wrote that they like what I do. Rapper L OPE came to the concert – and not even asked for an invitation, but just bought tickets – myself, wife, child. I am glad that some of my listeners are fellow musicians.—
Who of contemporary stars you equal ?
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»Love Alla Borisovna Pugacheva – especially her early records. Zemfira also just love! Ivan Dorn cool. Now a lot of interesting artists that make great music.
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»
And from overseas who are like that? As far as I know, Lana Del Rey, you even stood on the same stage?
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»It was three years ago, I sang her opening in the same “ice”. We sent the record to the casting. And management Lana invited us. It was funny, then when during our speech her assistant ran up to the engineer and asked them to make me easy, say, too cool for heating. But it never happened. After the concert, Lana came to my dressing room. She said she liked it, like, I’m cool, must continue in the same spirit. We talked for half an hour, hugged and congratulated each other on their success. I have also worked with musicians from Jamiroquai, Robbie Williams: all very humble and good guys. —
You had to live in London, Moscow, but finally settled in St. Petersburg. Why?
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»To begin with, I was born in Tajikistan. When I was a year old, there was fighting, and mom carried me to Moscow. So my whole life has been, and remains there. And in Peter I arrived five years ago, looking for himself. Made friends with the musicians with whom we subsequently established the team. Many people generally think I’m from the Northern capital. Can’t say that it is the only city where I manage to create. But there are places where they feel freer, less running, no worries, you can concentrate better. Yet, for me, St. Petersburg is the most delicious city. There are amazing cafes. I am a coffee lover and I love to eat Breakfast – this is for me a ritual. If you don’t get Breakfast on that day is wrong. —
How did your mother react to your constant moving to different countries, cities? Shame the mother for something?
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»She took it hard, discouraged. But she had no choice – she realized that she needed to let go. Many of the things I haven’t told her then: I was there uneasy, lonely. Was very funny story in childhood. Remember the TV series “Wild angel”? There Milagres always drank wine and talked with Jesus. And asked him about something good. Once, as a young child, I drank wine at home: for our family, for the health of loved ones, thinking it was some kind of connection with the Supreme. I then scolded mom! And I was so sad that she doesn’t understand – because for her sake I did it!
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»
After moving to St. Petersburg, you will be able to?
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»Mom and to this day helps me financially, although it is not required. I now earn, not beg. But the passport was constantly finding my mom’s “gifts”. Sometimes say, “Mom, I need such and such amount of money”. And she always tries to send more! And so constantly. When I moved, before me stood a goal: to grow up, stop being a child. I must say that I have always been under the care of elders. I started to make music at the age of 12. In 16 already gave concerts, participated in the pop project – it was a real school. 18 and started writing songs. But I wanted to get higher education…—
And you went to study psychology?
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»Yes. In music I did not want. It seemed that there is a lot of injustice. I studied in music school and thought that was enough. I watched my friends who graduated, and thought, “Why would I go to jazz vocals? I can do it at home with the vocal coaches”. One of my teachers was Tatiana Antsiferova. I decided that I needed an education that would develop me as a person. Settled on psych as my mother and grandmother also worked in this area. He studied at the Russian state humanitarian University. It was a great five years.
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»
Know that the father didn’t accept your passion for music. Now you communicate?
Певица Манижа: «Отец стыдился меня из-за моей профессии»For Muslim men, this profession is shame, disgrace, and prostitution. Dad did not support me. Only this year he began to show concern. We haven’t spoken for almost 10 years. But a year ago he came to my concert in Moscow, although I was not invited. Then he called and said, finally, understood. Admitted that he was wrong about when he said that music is not my thing. He was convinced that the need to be a decent girl and marry then no one will.—
Do you want to? In private life time remains?
Music is my personal life the last few years. I really want a baby, but realize that while she is small. I still need time, how much I don’t know yet.