Нумеролог: «Машу Распутину могут «кинуть» на деньги» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future star. According to him, the artist should be careful in relation to their surroundings, as there is a risk to face the cruel betrayal.

Singer Masha Rasputina 13 may marks the 53. Became known in the early ‘ 90s, the celebrity is still actively touring and recording new hits. Rasputin happily married with businessman and producer Victor Zakharov, the couple is growing up 16-year-old daughter Masha. The singer is 32-year-old heiress Lydia, which she recent years a relationship, but last year they managed to reconcile. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the life code Rasputina and made a prediction for its future.

“Life code Masha – 2911279 says that she was born in the “Day natural charm,” says Clara. – She has a forceful personality, this is the man who for the sake of achieving their goals will not stop at nothing. It is a carrier signs of progress and glory – the middle passage it was not this, Masha destined to become famous. Despite the fact that early in his career Rasputina was way frivolous sprightly women, in fact, not all men have such a remarkable intellect, which is endowed with Masha.

In its code nine-nine-nine – she’s the strongest analyst is able to calculate the life several moves ahead, besides celebrities very intuitive – it does not spend. Besides, the star is talented and charismatic, fair and very sincere person.

But her life is no luck she went to work. Her problem is that she’s too idealizes relationships. It is because of this approach in her life was betrayal by those close to you who the singer is very upset. Masha needs to learn not to let people close to them, and build independent relationships.

The situation that occurred with her older daughter, due to the fact that the heir to the stars-prone control mechanism. Simply put, she came under the influence of a father who had poisoned her mind against the mother. The next year Mary will be difficult. Better not to invest in large projects – there is a risk of losing money. Suggest her to devote time to practice energy practices and recreation. And after 54 years in the life of Rasputina starts a streak, a period of “ten” – it is waiting for a new wave of popularity and people’s love”.