VIDEO. Yevgeny Tsyganov: “Very nice, king!”

ВИДЕО. Евгений Цыганов: «Очень приятно, царь!»
On TV channel “Russia” starts historical series, “Sofia”.

For the role of Ivan III in the series “Sophia” Yevgeny Tsyganov not only dramatically
rebranded and grew long hair and beard, but also thoroughly examine historical
the materials of the epoch of the XV century — the time of the painting. And Maria Andreeva,
who played the Royal consort, Sophia Palaeologus, had accelerated
to learn Italian language and to shoot a crossbow. Also because of filming this
the project Andreeva abolished the celebration of its 30-year anniversary abroad
circle of friends, as the actress in this day are asked to arrive on site. In
gratitude, the crew gave the actress a real surprise, but what
exactly — read in the next issue of the magazine “7 Days”.

ВИДЕО. Евгений Цыганов: «Очень приятно, царь!»

Maria Andreeva

Photo: channel 1 Russia

Yevgeny Tsyganov and Nikolai Kozak

Photo: channel 1 Russia