Natasha Koroleva told about trying to get pregnant with IVF

Наташа Королева рассказала о попытках забеременеть с помощью ЭКО The singer explained that he could not have a second child. Despite all her efforts, she and her husband Sergei still does not work re-start a baby. According to Natasha, at first she was very upset when their attempts have failed.

      Singer Natasha Koroleva and her husband Sergei Glushko has a son Arkhip, who is 14 years old. The artist realizes that very soon he will become an adult and will be even less time to devote to parents. Currently the heir of Queen live and study in the United States, since, according to the star mom, more suitable school program. The Queen herself is actively preparing for the concert in the Kremlin, which will take place on December 10. Natasha is totally devoted to creativity, but also reflects on the birth of her second child.

      The actress and her husband tried to conceive another baby, but nothing worked. According to Queen, they even tried in vitro fertilization.

      “The whole country seems to want us to have replenishment. And we want that, too. But if nothing happens (and we like people healthy and not age), it is not necessary to wait for a miracle. There was a period when we actively started to operate, several times did IVF. For women this test, the strongest artificial stimulation of the body. And hormone therapy greatly affects health. After all these manipulations I was not the best period of life,” said Natasha.

      However, even the ECO did not fix the situation. After this procedure has been pregnancy without medical intervention, but they were frozen. “We wanted, we tried but failed. So what nature showed. We can, in principle, to cope on their own, but beyond that it is not. And I began to have a philosophical attitude to the situation. Somewhere up there someone is not stupid and it is all about,” said the artist.

      Natasha believes that, if she was destined a second time to become a mother, it will happen. According to star, there are many cases when women even 50 years gave birth to healthy children. “And while we are grateful for what we have Arkhip,” admitted the Queen in an interview to “7 days”.

      Previously, Natasha and Sergei had been considering to adopt a child from children’s home. “It is a difficult decision. Refer to the surrogate mother do not want. I believe that God gives everyone strength. If at the moment it is our desire does not, then, until we can not afford. And he is waiting for,” said the Queen.