Lyudmila Narusova wants to give his grandson the name of her husband

Людмила Нарусова мечтает дать внуку имя мужа In the words of another political figure, actor Stanislav Sadalsky, the woman is very much waiting for replenishment in the family of her daughter and asked Xenia to name the baby in honor of Anatoly Sobchak. The happy parents have not yet reported how they named his heir.

      Людмила Нарусова мечтает дать внуку имя мужа

      Recently took Maxim Vitorgan Ksenia Sobchak from the hospital. The happy couple shared a video which showed the baby, however the baby’s name remains a mystery. Reporters contacted the friends celebrities, but they could not shed light on their plans. The reporters also put forward several versions of how she and Maxim can name an heir. The majority of stars fans are confident that he will give the name Anatoly.

      Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan choose a name for a child

      Recently reporters from publications picked up the comment from a friend Lyudmila Narusova, actor Stanislav Sadalsky. According to the artist, the woman asked the daughter to name the baby in honor of Anatoly Sobchak. Lyudmila Borisovna was very pleased with the appearance of the long-awaited grandson. The woman would be happy to help her daughter raise the baby.

      “Lyudmila was waiting for the birth of a grandson. Of course, she really wanted a boy called Anatoly – after the father of Ksenia Sobchak. It was the biggest dream Lyudmila Borisovna. Daughter for it all. Lyudmila Borisovna, that is, crazy mother. It is nice to be useful daughter to help her” – said Stanislav Sadalsky reporters.

      By the way, in one of his recent interview with Lyudmila Narusova said that was very nervous during the birth of his daughter. The woman also admitted that a long time could not depart from shock after the appearance of the grandson. In addition, Lyudmila Borisovna reported that the baby was born with the same settings as his mother. If it’s a boy or a girl – Ksenia and Maxim didn’t tell her until the last, keeping the intrigue.

      About pregnancy of the daughter Lyudmila Narusova learned in your birthday. Mother celebrity it became the biggest gift. The woman believes that she will be a wonderful mother, who will come to the serious education of their own child.

      Note that over the past months journalists from different publications regularly called native Sobchak and Vitorgan, to learn about the planned addition to their family. Close the leading and actor tired of answering the same questions. Recently they decided to speak with the media only for the money. This Irina Mladic, wife of Emmanuel Vitorgan, told “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.