Alla Pugacheva was forced to create a new microblog

Алла Пугачева была вынуждена создать новый микроблог Colleague and friend, artist Philip reported the incident on his page. According to him, users of social networks can again monitor what is happening in the life of a Diva by subscribing to her new account.

      Fans of Alla Pugacheva excited. The singer lost his page in a social network “Instagram”. This was reported by her friend and colleague, Philip. The actor also explained how to find a new account Divas. The “old “Instagram” Alla Pugacheva is no longer personally its microblog (through no fault of her own reasons). New official personal “Instagram” singer – @alla_orfey,” wrote the man.

      Philip urged users of the social network the maximum spread this information. On the new page Pugacheva is placed one frame, which shows the artist in his youth. Fans said that this photo was taken during the work on “Woman who sings”. In the caption, Diva wrote: “I was 27”.

      She Pugacheva follows the news of 16 people, among them Dima Bilan, Kristina Orbakaite, Valentin Yudashkin, Julia Vysotsky and many others. Followers actively subscribe to her account and rejoice in the return of the star in the social network.

      “Alla, glad you are here again”, “Alla, so beautiful. Both then and now. We love You very much”, “Such a sincere and real”, “Why so few photos? When will we see you on television,” wrote admirers of the prima Donna.

      Some social network users expressed doubt that the new page belongs to Alla Borisovna, however, repost the entry about the problems with the old account made by her husband, he reassured them. Creating a new profile announced and daughter Diva Christina Aguilera.

      Fans of the actress are worried, since a very long time have not seen updates in the microblog favorite star. She used to share photos with children and spouse, and also demonstrated a selfie. Community dedicated Pugacheva, the last few days are filled with photos of the singer from the ceremony “Golden gramophone”, which took place Saturday in the Kremlin. The pop star did not hesitate to pose for the photographer, and startled the guests with a slender figure and stylish hairstyle. Alla Pugacheva made a splash at the ceremony “Golden gramophone”

      In the new microblog stars began to appear live with her children. In the first video, little Lisa learns how to swim under the guidance of a coach. “Fat Lisa”, signed short clip Alla. In another post Pugacheva shows a beautiful sunset in Jurmala, where she was resting with the twins.

      Very soon, the Diva is planning to return to the stage to present a new concert program. “Alla is actively preparing, rehearsing new songs, – told “StarHit” producer Anatoly Lopatin. Sometimes she visits the et to me, but most of all – I to her home, not to tire the artist way, which sometimes takes five hours, including sitting in traffic jams. In the castle there is a portable recording Studio with everything you need. Also there has long built a scene where I had equipped Alla place for writing. At rehearsals and during the creation of arrangements we always have live musicians, mainly sessional, select different for each song. In the near future, we plan to meet often – several times a week, have a lot of work. When you need to prescribe some complicated technical stuff, go to my house – where the latest equipment.”