Elena spoke about the serious reasons for the cancellation of the concerts

Елена Ваенга рассказала о серьезных причинах отмены концертов
The singer felt like a prisoner in a prison.

Elena Vaenga

Photo: @vaengaofficial Instagram of Elena Vaenga

Elena Vaenga was forced to cancel the next few concerts that were scheduled to take place in Israel due to a serious illness. According to the artist, because of the “assailant” in her illness she temporarily left without a voice. The incident greatly upset her, because Elena is not accustomed to let down their fans and organizers, who now will suffer losses.

“People. I got really sick. Moreover, the disease affected the voice. I can sing without fever, with a sore back, foot and even aching with the flu… But to sing without a voice I can’t…” — shared the singer in his microblog. However, Elena promised that she will work out the concerts at a later date. The performance of the singer approx postponed to January next year. Elena, very responsibly related to his profession, brought the fans an apology. “The money for the tickets back. Sorry 1000 times. I’m a man and I “broke” — she wrote.

Now Elena some time to be home and to be treated, following the prescriptions of physicians. However, the singer, used to live in a mad rhythm, prescribed bed rest seem intolerable. In one of the following publications did she compare your hospital with the conclusion in “prison”. Fans wish the singer a speedy recovery and good health.

We will remind that in October of this year she got married. She married her beloved Novel with. The singer has organized a lavish celebration at which invited his closest friends and many relatives.