ВИДЕО: В доме Аниты Цой поселился 6-метровый питомец
The singer brought the dragon.

All fans of the show, “10/20” reported that dragon Hero lives I have in the country and is preparing for another far Eastern tour. Would you like to have a house dragon? ? #шоу1020 #somecity #dragon #hero #anatacau #anitatsoy

A post shared by Anita Tsoy (@anitatsoy) on Jan 15, 2018 at 3:28am PST

Where missing the scenery of live show artists? And here is where! The beloved character from your own program “10/20” Anita Tsoy took himself home!

The 6-foot blue dragon named Hero is so fond of the singer that she was unable to part with it. Now he lives at her house, since the plot size allows you to easily place on their territory and more impressive character. By the way, dragon-star supports: soon they will tour the Far East, so we can say Hero holds the family Choi your vacation.

Photo: Official website of Anita Tsoy

Sometimes Tsoi unusual pet connects to the network and talks to him. Laughing, the singer showed the fans how it is.

“You can feel good here? — asks Anita. Are you cold? Well done! And can paw to scratch behind the ear?”

Oddly enough, the dragon, shaking his head and wings, answered all the questions the stars and carried the team. That is either a trained dragon, or very educated, or they are operated with the remote control by someone behind the scenes.