VIDEO. Sergey Shnurov: “Our TV reminds me of pornography!”

ВИДЕО. Сергей Шнуров: «Наше телевидение напоминает мне порнографию!»
In an interview with Vladimir Pozner, the musician admitted, why he had come to work on TV.

Yesterday’s interview with Sergei Shnurov, which he gave
Vladimir Pozner in his evening program on the First channel, has become one of the
the most talked about today in fact. publishes excerpts from the conversation
the controversial musician and famous journalist, some of which are
to say the least bold.

success videos “Leningrad”

“Leningrad” — the example that you can live, not
changing yourself. In the country, which liberals somehow believe totalitarian. I
their example shows that it is not. The infinite energy of the Russian
self-blame, self-abasement, we process with the plus sign. It
causes such eschatological enthusiasm… At concerts is overcome
a terrible being, comes the understanding that you can live with that, can it
make and at the same time to overcome that. And not engage in endless self-blame.

ВИДЕО. Сергей Шнуров: «Наше телевидение напоминает мне порнографию!»

Vladimir Pozner

Photo: the First channel

work in the program “About love” on the First channel

TV to me is really reminiscent of pornography:
show foreplay, and how it ends, not shown. I have
persuaded to go to the TV, about six months. I wanted to find out how here
it works. Before, I was tried on television, as the viewer, now I can judge
as a manufacturer of. I understand that I will have the knowledge that I probably
use in order.

About patriotism

Patriotism requires a severe, hard and honest look at yourself. Here,
that he requires. And we have patriotism — self-indulgence. We indulge ourselves, at nalivaem
the head, say we are the best. If the child indefinitely to indulge, he
grow up pampered child. Patriotic feeling is natural, it
to educate is not necessary and the pressure on him is not necessary.

Sergey Shnurov

Photo: the First channel