“Redhead Pepper” is expecting her second child

«Рыженькая Перчинка» ждет второго ребенка
Jerry hollywell soon again become a mother.

Geri Halliwell and Emma bunton

Photo: @therealgerihalliwell Instagram Halliwell

Jerry Horner, that before her marriage the whole world knew
as Halliwell or “red Spice” (Ginger Spice)
announced that she is pregnant. However, before making official
ad she has placed in his microblog funny picture pregnant
women signed a slightly modified line from his songs of the Spice Girls: “God,
bless Mother nature (and Mother-Cinnamon)”.

And soon was followed by an official statement: “Jerry and
her husband Christian are proud to announce that they expect the first joint child.
They were in seventh heaven and look forward to the addition to the family”.

Jerry was the lawful wife of Christian Horner, head of the
the Formula 1 team Red
Bull Racing in may 2015. At their wedding, held in a rural
Church in Bedfordshire, bridesmaid
was her eldest daughter, 10-year-old Bluebell, which Geri gave birth to
from writer Sasha Gervasi your old

One of the first who congratulated Mrs. Horner with
pregnancy was another one of the Spice Girls Emma bunton.
As Jerry and Emma maintain a friendly relationship, As admitted bunton has long been known that a friend is expecting a baby but kept it a secret
at the request of the expectant mom.

Incidentally, as stated by Jerry, the pregnancy does not
interfere with the plans of reunification of the former “Peppercorns” for joint tour
next year. Horner promised that to the last time is going to take
participation in rehearsals. And then, giving birth to a child, join friends for

However, I found one serious difficulty
which forced to postpone the date of reunification at a later date. The thing
that Victoria Beckham, another former soloist of the group.
your designer will not be able to join a trio of girlfriends —
Geri, Emma bunton and Melanie brown(Mel b), which they decided to call the Gem (making
the word from the first letters of their names). While Beckham said firmly
opposed to the new group sang the old songs of “Peppercorns”. It
there are the girls now have to write new songs.