Vera Brezhneva, first called Konstantin Meladze favorite

Вера Брежнева впервые назвала Константина Меладзе любимым
The singer could not hold back emotions after an important event in her life.

Вера Брежнева впервые назвала Константина Меладзе любимым

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: Instagram

Vera Brezhnev and Konstantin Meladze

Photo: Instagram

Despite the fact that Vera Brezhneva is always in sight, star
very little to comment on his personal life. Last year, the singer has secretly married
his producer Konstantin Meladze, but only now, after his
first solo concert in Moscow “Number 1”, the Faith could not hold back emotions towards your spouse.

Brezhnev publicly thanked all of their fans
a team of friends who supported her during a concert and her husband,
which first heard the word “favorite”.

Words over time are forgotten , forgotten things and the emotions we’ve experienced, remain in our memory forever… ? Thanks to my wonderful friends who have shared with me my big concert #NUMBER1 : sexy @arthurpirozhkov , the coolest @realpotap , charismatic @danbalan_official , unreal @mband.official , love, Constantinalecse . Thanks to my awesome super-team @vbband ? all musicians, dancers , Directors, technical services and magic hands that made the beauty!!! I’m happy to be a part of you!!!! Thanks to all my lovely viewers for the donated emotions!!!! ??? these emotions are impossible to describe, impossible to capture and impossible to forget!!! Thanks to everyone for the incredible positive feedback and kind words!!! It is invaluable ? Thanks to all who are with me !!! #thank you ?? You have LOVE ?

A photo posted by Vera Brezhneva (@ververa) on Oct 9, 2016 at 1:15pm PDT

“I was thought to do a recital for my 35th anniversary in
February of next year. But then we realized that there is no sense in waiting, now is already
ready a great program that you can show to the audience. And then we found out
about free day in the concert hall. I like that it’s the beginning of October
love this time of year when Golden autumn comes,” admitted
Vera Brezhnev on the eve of the show.

“You know, I was the first time such a large concert in Moscow. And,
of course, I’m worried. All the performances I call music date:
with its viewers, with some friends this evening with me will be released on
scene. As well as the date, excitement is necessary,” — so described their
the emotions of the singer.