ВИДЕО: Саша Бортич поправилась на 20 килограммов
The actress made a real feat for the profession.

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History of world cinema knows many cases when the actors
much grew fat or, on the contrary, dropped the weight before shooting. The brightest
examples, of course, associated with Hollywood and religious paintings, for which
stars completely changed their way of life. For example, Jared Leto gained 30 kilos for the movie “Chapter 27”, the Russell Crowe — 29 kg
before the shootings in the film “body of lies”. Of course, this list is not
to do without Renee Zellweger, who also gained weight to play the role
Bridget Jones.

In the domestic cinema such examples clearly smaller. In
mostly on the set of used prosthetics. But Sasha Bortech, performer
the title role in the Comedy “I lose weight”, which is now going on in Moscow, to be honest
scored 20
pounds. About it 7days.ru told screenwriter Nikolai Kulikov. Moreover, the actress
managed to gain extra pounds and lose them for a few months to
to continue shooting in his usual weight. However, a similar feat Bortech already
committed in his youth. Then Sasha, who from childhood loved to eat, weighed 75 kg, and I made myself
to lose about twenty pounds after he decided to become an actress.

Sasha Bortech

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The plot of the film “I’m losing weight that’s” in life Anya (Sasha
Bortech) two loves: food and the handsome athlete Jack (Roman Curtin).
After Jack throws it due to the fact that she has recovered,
Anna decides to fight for his love and to lose 20 kg.
But it turns out that to single-handedly deal with food and
pounds easy. To help Anya comes obsessed healthy
lifestyle fat nick (Eugene Kulik). The film also busy with Irina Gorbacheva,
Sergey Shnurov, Elena Valyushkina. By the way, the film’s Director Alex Needs himself
once lose weight at 28 kg,
so the issue for him is vital.