На Первом канале уже нашли замену Тимуру Кизякову
The program “While all houses” on the air is a new show.

Timur Kizyakov

Photo: the First channel

“Bye-bye!”: with these words, Timur Kizyakov already a lot
years he completed the editions of the program “While all houses”. Yesterday came the official
confirmation that the family entertainment project as the anchor,
will not appear on the First. As it became known 7days.ru the representatives of the channel in April
this year, he said “bye-bye” Kazakovu and producing “While all houses” company
“House,” which he owns.

“After the financial scandal that unfolded around
of the project and its “sinovialnoj” heading on the eve of the New year, interest in “Yet
all the houses are” dropped significantly, the viewer may much lost part of confidence —
a source told on the First channel. — Needed urgent change, but
to implement them was not possible. Including the fact that out
in connection with Kazakovym was an impossible task: he lives out of town and
rarely answers the phone, almost never. The canal from producing
the company came recordings, and producers, for example, had
the ability to convey wishes to change the character of the program or change
operator tactics”.

Recently, the First has a new
the weekend program “my word”, it is Yuri Nikolaev. Fans
closely watching television transfers summer 2017, suggested that
this gear is in mesh place “While all houses”.

“It is not, — says the source. — For broadcast preparing
a new show, and it’s great. The one secret you can reveal to
the release is the fact that the frame will again be the star guests. The Program Of Yuri
Nikolaev “Honestly” with this transfer is not connected, it is a separate

We will remind, the program “While all houses”, which was
a symbol of Sunday’s broadcast for almost 25 years, will now go on
a different channel. According to 7days.ru new place of work of Timur Kizâkova became
the channel “Russia 1”.