Vera Glagoleva died in USA

Вера Глаголева скончалась в США
The famous actress was struggling with a serious illness.

Vera Glagoleva

Photo: Alexander Kurov/TASS

Russian actress Vera Glagoleva has died in the USA in the 62nd year of life. Cause of death was

Reports of disease Vera Glagoleva, alas, recently appeared in
The media regularly. The last time associated with the legendary actress in
mid-summer, when the Network got reports of her hospitalization. Then Faith
V., who was always cheerful and tried to skip the details
his illness.

“As is often the case, out of the ordinary visit to the doctor someone inflated
non-existent serious illness, — said people’s artist. Wrote even
I’ve been in intensive care. It’s not true. All that I had,
this loss of strength. The fact that now I have a very busy period:
Tula, Aleksin, remove the film “Clay pit”. The change lasts for 14 hours
and after that, I have to prepare for the next shooting day. That happened
overwork, fell hemoglobin. So when in the day I came to
We decided to visit a doctor. And the next morning were again on
the set…”

Alas, Vera Vitalyevna are unable to overcome the disease. The death was confirmed by her close friend Larisa Guzeeva. “Yes, she died”, — said the actress and TV presenter.

Domestic theater and film actress and also a writer, Director and
producer Vera Glagoleva was born in Moscow on 31 January 1956.
The winner of the title “Honored artist of Russia and people’s artist
Russia.” Roles in almost 50 movies and television films such
in the film “Sincerely Yours”. (1985), “Descended from heaven” (1986),
“Bednaya Sasha” (1997), the television series “Maroseyka, 12” (2000) and others.
The directorial debut of Vera Glagoleva was the psychological melodrama
“Broken light” (1990) about unemployed actors.