VIDEO: robbery of the former “Peppercorn” caught on camera

ВИДЕО: ограбление бывшей «Перчинки» попало на камеру
Mel b has requested the help of fans.

This year Day
Thanksgiving was completely ruined for Melanie brown, ex-soloist of “Spice Girls”. While Mel is sleeping peacefully in her bed with her husband, Harry Belafonte,
a daring thief took her part belonged to the singer property. He smashed the rear
glass of her car and stole valuables there. The news she reported on
the page with social network and asked fans for help.

occurred directly at the walls of her house, and since the mansion is equipped with
by the surveillance cameras, the crime was captured on video.
However, unfortunately, faces an attacker to write to be seen… And yet perturbed
Melanie posted a video on the Network, in the hope that someone will recognize
the thief, accompanied by an emotional video message: “I promise you 5 thousand dollars
someone who will tell me anything about this villain. I don’t care who it is, I want
to be caught! It happened at 5.42 in the morning, just outside my house
Los Angeles! This type of broke into my car and stole from it belong to me
things. Who has any information, please contact my
husband, he will transfer the money! Police have launched their investigation,
but I URGENTLY need your help!”

Melanie Brown


A little later, she posted a second message: “the Police know who did it, so it will catch. However, my request to contact husband shall be.”

Melanie became the wife of Harry Belafonte, e-mail address to which it was added to his message, in 2007. And four years later she bore him a daughter, Madison. The girl was the third child of the actress. In addition to her, Mel b is another 17-year-old daughter Phoenix from her first husband, singer — Jimmy Gulzar and 9-year-old angel from fleeting affair with Eddie Murphy.