The husband of Sasha Savelyeva boasted beautiful daughter

Муж Саши Савельевой похвастался красавицей-дочкой
Daughter of Kirill Safonov was like his stepmother.

Муж Саши Савельевой похвастался красавицей-дочкой

Kirill Safonov daughter Anastasia

Photo: @kirill_safonov Instagram Kirill Safonov

Kirill Safonov daughter grows real beauty. The actor issued a joint picture with her 21-year-old heir from his first marriage. Cyril does not often share shots of family life, which caused an unprecedented interest in his daughter. Photo the actor signed as: “My star of captivating happiness.”

Daughter Safonova Anastasia lives in Israel, so often to see her dad she is not successful. The girl works as a model and recently got the coveted post about yourself in the famous men’s magazine. By the way, her dad has nothing against Frank photo shoots, including Nudes, knowing what is requested of her profession.

Fans Safonova was pleasantly surprised by the bright appearance of his daughter. Incidentally, fans found something similar in facial features Anastasia with her stepmother — singer Sasha Savelieva. “Wow, at first I thought that Sasha dyed her hair brunette. So similar, amazing!”, “I don’t know how this is possible, but it is a copy Savelyeva. It happens?” — asked questions readers of the blog Cyril.

Sasha Saveliev, Kirill Safonov

Photo: @sasha_savelieva Instagram Sasha Savelyeva