Son Madonna has been under arrest for drug possession

Сын Мадонны побывал под арестом за хранение наркотиков

16-year-old Rocco Ritchie was arrested in London for possession of marijuana.

The incident with the son of Madonna and British Director guy Ritchie has occurred still on September 28, however, remained unknown to the General public, while it is not visited by the British journalists. Rocco was arrested in the North London area of primrose hill, where he lived, police called to alert the neighbors that are kind of like saw a teenager Smoking marijuana. Police arrived drugs from Rocco found, however, in what quantities, is not specified. Soon the son of star parents were released on bail, he is now under the supervision of staff to combat youth crime.

Madonna did not comment on the incident with his son, except for one mysterious post in Instagram with the caption: “We just have to overcome it all to win.”

Not so long ago, Rocco became the subject of litigation between the singer and her husband after he refused to return from London, where his father, in new York to his mother. The court ultimately ruled that 16-year-old boy has the right to choose with whom to live.