VIDEO: Nonna Grishaeva had a swim with elephants

ВИДЕО: Нонна Гришаева поплавала со слонами
The actress with the family on a trip to Thailand.

Bathing with elephants))!???#Masema? #otdyhaem #Thailand

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The actor’s family Nonna Grishaeva and Alexander Nesterov went to Thailand a week ago. “The long-awaited vacation!” – wrote on the first day Nonna happy. As always, the trip, accompanied by their children: daughter Grishaeva from his first marriage, Anastasia (21) and a son Elijah (11 years old). Anastasia, despite his age, loves to travel with his parents. In their family friendly atmosphere, and no one gets tired of constant communication. On the contrary, mom and dad work so much that children lack communication with them. A common vacation is the best opportunity to fill the shortage of parental attention.

Grishaeva and all members of her family not really like normal beach vacation, so always try to go on trips, choosing the most interesting and unusual. This time they went on a boat trip on the river protected from Takua PA. The star family was swimming in a very dirty pond, which, it seemed, was about to jump out of the crocodile, as in a horror movie. These predators are indeed found, but tourists tend not to carry in dangerous places.

But the most amazing feeling Nonna experienced from another “experience”. The actress persuaded her husband and children to take part in bathing the elephants!

At first, these giant animals showed the star and her family, and then all participants were given brushes and they were able to wash elephants!

Some subscribers Nonna immediately rushed to accuse the actress of animal abuse. But Grishaeva explained: on the contrary, elephants suffer from the heat, and how to swim again. And when their thick skin someone scrapes, they even squint from pleasure.

Photo: Instagram