Gary Oldman told the incredible details of her engagement

Гэри Олдман рассказал невероятные подробности своей помолвки
Favorite female actor has agreed to become the wife of Winston Churchill.

Гэри Олдман рассказал невероятные подробности своей помолвки

Gary Oldman and Giselle Schmidt


Gary Oldman was the last weekend of the “Golden
Globe” for the role of Winston Churchill in the movie “Dark times”, admitted:
if not for that movie, he could not venture to propose to his beloved.

Shooting “Dark ages” was very difficult.
Not only that, 59-year-old Oldman had to solve a difficult acting job on the transformation
in the mighty British Prime Minister, the work was accompanied and other
difficulties. So, Gary had to get up at 4 am because before the start of filming
he had every day to spend three and a half hours in the makeup chair. Besides, Oldman had
smoke so many cigars to portray Churchill, “dimichele” almost
continuously, he got a serious nicotine poisoning.

By the time Gary felt completely
exhausted, he wanted warmth and peace. And at some point, he suddenly felt
he was ready, finally, to propose to his girlfriend Giselle Schmidt, which
met as many as five years. Not just ready, but feels that
a burning desire to do it immediately, that I could not endure till the end of the working

The day Giselle came to visit him on
shooting and taking advantage of a break between takes, Gary — in costume and in makeup
Churchill, got down on one knee and asked her to become his wife. The one a little confused, agreed. But soon
a romantic scene had to break off because Oldman was again called on
set. Incidentally, as admitted later Schmidt, all the time
while Gary was in the movie, he is so deeply immersed in the way that even
the house behaved like his character. “In the evenings, it seemed to me that I really fall
in bed with Churchill. And only in the morning he again became Oldman…”

Recall: Gary and Giselle were married in
this August — in the house of the actor
the presence of a few closest friends. In the end, Schmidt was to be the fifth wife of actor. To
he was married to Actresses Lesley Manville and Uma Thurman and model Dona
Fiorentino and another actress, Alexandra, Edinboro, whom he divorced in

Gary Oldman in the movie “Dark times”


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