Правнучка Брежнева простила маму за то, что та поместила ее в психбольницу Galina Filippova not hold a grudge against the cousin. Victoria E. passed away after a battle with cancer. It is a long time talked about the terrible diagnosis of their relatives and loved ones.
Правнучка Брежнева простила маму за то, что та поместила ее в психбольницу

Earlier in the week it became known that Leonid Brezhnev’s granddaughter, Victoria Filippova died. The woman struggled with cancer. However, she preferred not to share their health problems with others, but because relatives and friends had no idea that she’s suffering from a terrible disease. January 9, it was goodbye with the beloved granddaughter of the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. Granddaughter of Leonid Brezhnev died of cancer

Victoria E. is the only daughter Galina. For some time she was in a psychiatric hospital. However, she’s even grateful to my mom for this because in a similar situation would do the same. “Better in the initial stage. It’s better than to see the corpse after the suicide, and such thoughts came, but rarely. It’s not the most extreme of circumstances and weakness of character” – admitted Galina in the Studio program “Let them talk”.

However, after she was released from the hospital, it turned out that she no longer has housing and respectively registration. The great-granddaughter of Brezhnev: “I don’t even own beds”

“Grandma did not – did not apartments, villas. No dowry, no belongings left. Grandparents did not, I became useless,” said the woman.
Правнучка Брежнева простила маму за то, что та поместила ее в психбольницу

They also attended a half-brother and sister of Victoria Alexander and Natalia Mileva. They are very experienced a tragedy that has touched their family. However, the relatives believe that the secrecy granddaughter of Leonid Brezhnev became the cause of sudden death. In their opinion, if Victoria told about their diagnosis, could all be different.

Galina is sure that her mother had a premonition of death. At the last visit, she showed the parent embroidery and advised her well, as she is rapidly losing weight. Their meeting was very quick – they saw each other for five minutes. Dmitry Borisov asked whether Galina upset at my mom for what turned out to be in a psychiatric hospital. She said she does not hold a grudge against a loved one.

“I don’t feel that it was appropriate to ask each other for forgiveness. Forgive when there is a blood insult. I have no such, that I to forgive her,” said the great-granddaughter of Brezhnev.