VIDEO: New image of Anton Lavrentiev in provocative clip

ВИДЕО: Новый образ Антона Лаврентьева в провокационном клипе
Video filmed in the style of “50 shades of grey”.

Anton Lavrentiev they presented the video for “Monami” — the lead single
debut album “My journey”.

The video for the song “Monami” — directing the work of Sergei Shanovich,
which Lavrent’ev departed from the usual romantic style and revealed the
the real “50 shades of grey”.

“We with Sergey Chanovice I wanted to do something
together, — said Anton. — “Monami” — quite an adult, romantic song,
we decided to add contrast, and I think we succeeded. With the main
heroine, actress Anastasia Mikhailova, we seem to have swapped roles.
It turned out sometimes hard, even, perhaps provocatively, but like everything
we do about the experience of love, even if it is traumatic”.

Anton Lavrentiev is a musician, singer, actor and television presenter.
After leaving the show “heads and tails. Shopping” began his solo career in March 2017
he released his debut solo album “My journey”.

Anton Lavrentiev

Photo: Press service