Zhanna badoeva has revealed the secret of impeccable style

Жанна Бадоева раскрыла секрет безупречного стиля
The presenter told us how he chooses outfits.

Жанна Бадоева раскрыла секрет безупречного стиля

Zhanna badoeva has revealed the secret of impeccable style

Jeanne Badoev can rightly be called one of the most stylish
presenters: girls, leading active way of life and loving
travel, guided it to her. By the way, with comfortable shoes Jeanne
decided, releasing his own line of shoes and sandals. But the outfits Televisa prefer to purchase in different places.

Zhanna badoeva an trying on a new outfit

“Well, thank God, since I question myself decided —
shares Badoev. — I make shoes for themselves and according to my wishes! Of course, if I
suddenly see another firm and I really like the shoes I try on, and if
they are “mine”, I’ll buy them, but in principle there already
need! Clothes is another story! If I buy shoes, and do only
expensive and branded (I think, anyway, but the shoes and bag should be
durable, reliable and expensive), clothes I love to buy just
inspiration! I don’t like branded things, but sometimes I buy them if I find
“his” thing, but this is rare! I can afford to have fun
buying vintage clothes at flea markets, vintage stores America and
Italy. I love the young, not promoted Italian designers, but
have their boutiques, not chain stores. I like to buy at once a ready image! That is,
if you take the skirt, I must understand what I have top or
to look in the same store that you can wear with which shoes and accessories
(jewelry, belts, capes, shawls). Love the clothes, “my”,
and not fashionable! I don’t like some trends, I wear only what fits me and
makes me a better person, not just a fashionable color (by the way, it’s all nonsense), or
item! I love layering clothes, so as not it was immediately clear that
me. Love the black color! Doing spontaneous shopping, not going specifically
never! If the expensive thing I really liked, but I know what I’m talking about
her to think and tomorrow, then buy and do not regret the money! I love to sew clothes from
my designers that I already dress more than 10 years.”