Dmitry Tarasov took up a singing career in spite of Olga Buzova

Дмитрий Тарасов занялся певческой карьерой назло Ольге Бузовой
Scandalous player wants to be no less famous than his ex-wife.

After Olga Buzovoy Dmitry Tarasov started singing
career. However, unlike the former
wife, he will sing in a duet with singer T-killah. The rapper has published in his Instagram a photo where he is depicted together Dmitry
in the recording Studio. “A new track. New duet”, signed the T-killah.

We will remind, the musical career of Olga Buzova, which causes a controversial debate in full swing. Recently, the TV star once again openly talked about
yourself. Again — through song. A potential hit called “People do not believe.” At
words of an aspiring singer every single word she has experienced herself. The word is
the sixth song Buzova. And despite what some music critics
the work of Olga gives aesthetic pleasure, the fans accept
its fine.

“With thrill and excitement to finally share with you my new
single, — said Olga. Everyone in life is faced with situations
when no one believes. Honestly, I confess to you, at some point, I
it seemed that I can’t do it. It’s hard, but the past should be able to let go, I
until you learn that. It was hard for me, many of you felt it and see
now. Plus the enormous pressure and oppression by the permanent shocks in the back,
ridicule and even insult. Probably, and now there is some producer,
they tell me that is not creativity, and my song, traditionally not put in
broadcasts of the radio stations. But I can sing you every word of this song I have lived inside
yourself. I hope you will like it, and for someone may be
anthem, and that under it you will “live in Tokyo”. Even if you don’t believe the whole world,
you have to love yourself, to dream, to set goals and achieve them. Fallen angels with
new forces will rise up to heaven.”