VIDEO: Katya Gusev struck the young artist

ВИДЕО: Катю Гусеву поразила юная художница
The actress spoke about her hit opening day.

Ekaterina Guseva

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Katya Guseva for the first time, visited the opening. This was a very special exhibition: it struck the star, and Kate decided to share her experiences with

Gusev visited the exhibition of works of young artist Diana Slipetsky. The Vernissage was held in the framework of the Charity festival “White ship” (with this program
opening the door “to life” hundreds of children with a difficult fate, Guseva cooperates in the first year).

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The name of the Vernissage “in dreams and In reality” it is no accident, because the 15-year-old Slepicka almost did not see. However, it is
did not prevent its, perhaps, main passion in life — painting (on
the moment behind Diana 10 solo exhibitions). Girl enjoys
Oriental painting, studying the traditions and culture of Korean, Chinese and
the Japanese people and traditions and way of life of indigenous peoples of the Far East.