Armored limousine of Boris Yeltsin sold for 19 million

Бронированный лимузин Бориса Ельцина продают за 19 миллионов Rare car 1994 edition made a lot of noise in the Network. The owner of the cars said that it did it once the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin. According to the author of the ad, the car is in good condition and not in need of repair.
Бронированный лимузин Бориса Ельцина продают за 19 миллионов

Armored limousine Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W140), which allegedly stood in the Kremlin garage for sale on one of the specialized sites. The owner of the blue sedan with mileage 60 thousand kilometers are home in St. Petersburg. He says that a foreign car 1994 edition once went Boris Yeltsin. The owner of the car also notes that the vehicle does not require repair, and asks for the amount of $ 19 million 790 thousand rubles.

“This car was used in the Kremlin garage during the reign of the first President of the Russian Federation Yeltsin, Boris Nikolayevich. On this car he personally (as a passenger) went to the official and not official meetings. (…) Rear-wheel-drive, left hand drive, not broken. The car is a legend. Special Pullman S500 bronekapsuly from the factory. Excellent condition-maintained by the staff of Garage of special function. A decent copy for a good collection,” – said in the announcement.
Бронированный лимузин Бориса Ельцина продают за 19 миллионов

The owner of the car added that sells “the W140 from the company Trasco Bremen”. Before receipt of the limo, says the owner of a rare car that the President rode in cars W116, W126 and ZIL.

Later, the journalists contacted the press-service “the Yeltsin centre” to comment on news of the sale of the car of the former first persons of the country. However, the representatives of the organization stated that it did not have any information about the car and did not carry out special studies for this reason. In addition, it said that they are not going to get a limo for the collection of the Museum.

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In early July in the Internet appeared the announcement of the sale of Mercedes-Benz S-class Pullman blue color that belonged to Yeltsin. “The car was exhibited at the Frankfurt motor show in September 1995 and was intended Chancellor Helmut Kohl, however, he abandoned the car and gave it to my friend Boris who used it from late 1995 until the end of his days,” claimed the owner of a foreign car.

The owner of vintage vehicles in 1995 also stressed that it is in a private collection. The author of the ad assured that it has all necessary documents Garage special purpose. After some time on the portal, there is evidence that the car found a buyer, which is laid out for him about 34 million rubles.