Вадим Галыгин лишился 170 тысяч рублей
The showman has no regrets about his decision.

Vadim Galygin and uncle Victor

Photo: Press service of the TNT-4

Vadim Galygin has lost one hundred and seventy thousand. The price
party Comedy Club will pay the host of the controversial Uncle Vito came to see him
the provocative show “the Money or the shame of” channel ТНТ4.

In one of the headings the host decided to test how Vadim
a good writer and screenwriter who works in his website and then he
can quickly write a funny joke about any person. “Any” was a famous fighter Fedor Emelianenko. Under the terms of uncle Viti, joke
got to meet a phrase: “you’re pissing me off”, “ostojski”,
“cord spool” and a few other insulting expressions. But Vadim immediately
pressed the button and refused to joke, for which he paid the sum of 170 000 roubles.

According to Vadim, he did it not because of
he is afraid of revenge with his fists. “I respect him as an athlete, besides we are familiar with
— shared Galygin. — So I have my reasons. I’m not going to joke about
Fedor is probably more for moral reasons and not due to the fact that he came
would have to beat me.”

The result is uncle Victor himself has come up with a joke about the famous
athlete. How it was successful, you will be able to see in the show “the Money or
shame” on 24 August at 23:00 on channel ТНТ4.