VIDEO: Ilan St. George told how to lose weight with baths

ВИДЕО: Илана Юрьева рассказала, как похудеть с помощью бани
The star of “Ural dumplings” on how to properly bathe.

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The actress of the show “Ural dumplings” Ilana, St. George believes “the perfect way to lose weight before an important event this bath. It removes excess water. And if you do it correctly, in one session you can lose two pounds! Also improve the condition of skin and hair appears healthy glow and Shine

ВИДЕО: Илана Юрьева рассказала, как похудеть с помощью бани

Ilana St. George

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Yuriev tries to go to the bath every
a week, observing certain rules: “Before the steam room
drink a glass of green tea or your favorite ginger drink from ginger, lemon and honey (add honey when the liquid cools to the boiling water killed all
useful properties). This drink supports
the immune system and speeds up metabolism.

Ilana St. George

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

After going to
the steam room for three minutes. And then in any case do not jump in the hole or in
the pool is good for immunity, but not for the output liquid. No, I wear warm
Bathrobe and bundle up warmly. The body thinks it is still in the steam room, and you sit
on the couch and drink hot tea. Starts sweating,
excess water. After I take a regular shower with fragrant soap to
the skin has absorbed the moisture came back.”

The second time Ilana goes to the steam room and then dipped in
pool, to activate the immune system. “The third time it is soaring. I trust his beloved attendant Basil, who goes on brooms, including those from coniferous
trees. The head should impose cold brooms, so she wouldn’t overheat. After bathing, pour the herbal infusion recipe
which are known only Vasily”.

After the pair Ilana wearing a Bathrobe and drinking ginger tea. If the actress feels the hunger, the tea adds a bit of fruit or vegetables. And finally, after 15-20 minutes taking a cold shower and puts on body coffee scrub from the remains of organic coffee. It cleanses the skin,
gives shade of tan, gives elasticity and helps to remove excess moisture. “End of bath procedure is required massage,preferably with a draining effect and use
olive oil… If you correctly followed all the rules, any event will look a Queen!”