Rose Sabitova made a sensational statement

Роза Сябитова сделала сенсационное заявление
TV presenter admitted that many years ago had an abortion.

Rose Sabitova

Photo: Syabitova (Facebook Roses Sabitova)

Host of the show “let’s get married” became the heroine of the show Sergey
Shnurov and Sofiko Shevardnadze “About love”. In the conversation, rose Sabitova admitted
many years ago when she was still too young, she had an abortion. About your
act presenter never forget. “I did the first abortion. For
me it was scary. When I went directly to the office, there hung
poster “won’t You let him see the world.” I left. says Sabitova. In the end, the doctors told me:
“Either you, my dear, our, do, or go…” I went out, killing
child, and lived with it all my life.”

Rose Sabitova thinks that he has suffered punishment for it, but what
she specifically had in mind, rose did not elaborate. By the way, the presenter has two
children — Denis and Ksenia. A few years ago my daughter got married. “Groom my
daughter’s name is Andrew, he works as a lawyer in my company. The boy is very
decent, educated, from a respected family of lawyers,” said Sabitova.