The protagonist of the series “castle” came to Russia

Главный герой сериала «Касл» приехал в Россию
Nathan Fillion talked about his Moscow vacation.

Главный герой сериала «Касл» приехал в Россию

Fans of the portrait of the detective castle

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Actor Nathan Fillion, who plays the main role in the detective series “castle” for the first time
he arrived in Moscow. In Russia he was invited by the TV channel TV-3, which showed all 8
seasons American telehita (for the role of castle Fillion was thrice
awarded the prestigious People’s Choice Awards in the category “Best
drama actor”).

Nathan Fillion

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

In Moscow Fillion visited at the international festival
pop culture “Comic Con Russia 2016”, which was held in “Crocus Expo”. Talking about your Moscow impressions, Nathan admitted that anywhere else before
never seen so many beautiful people: “you men are prominent, with a strong
physique. And Russian women are amazing and beautiful! Russia
called “land of the supermodels”.

When talking about popularity, the actor remembered that, being already known for a year he was
unemployed, lived in a small rented apartment in Los Angeles and hard
making ends meet! But through perseverance, hard work and acting
skill Fillion became the star. His track record is not the main role
only in “castle”, but in the popular American TV series “Firefly” and “Buffy the vampire Slayer”.