VIDEO: Eva Polna met with the Italian Santa Claus

ВИДЕО: Ева Польна познакомилась с итальянским Дедом Морозом
The singer is charged with a festive mood in Milan.

Someone of the artists has already begun corporate events and Christmas trees, and eve
Complete before the busy Christmas period I decided to have a holiday.
The festive mood, the singer was poisoned to Milan where he had been all soaked
the spirit of the upcoming Christmas and New year.

Eve babo Nattale

Eva organized a tour of Milan’s streets and even met
Italian Santa — babo Nattale: of course, the dipole does not forget about the fans
amazing new pictures, talking about their adventures. “We babo Nattale
helmet Sunny greetings to all, — shares the dipole. Walking through the Christmas
Milan. Who where and I on a tour! We must have time to soak up the beauty.”