Людмила Гурченко обиды никому не прощала
Director Andrey Zhitinkin remembered an episode of joint work with the actress.

Lyudmila Gurchenko

Photo: Anton Tushin/TASS

Director Andrey Zhitinkin recalls that in rehearsal a new play at the Theatre of satire based on the play by Edward Radzinsky “the battlefield after a victory belongs to marauders” suddenly fell down and broke a mirror. Luck is terrible, especially for superstitious actors. But Lyudmila Gurchenko, who played in the formulation of the main female role, even eyebrow does not lead, uttered a mysterious phrase: “It’s me remember.” Only after a while, making friends with the actress, Andrew learned that meant Gurchenko.

“After leaving the “Contemporary” I came to see Theater of satire, — said the actress to the Director. — Before the show, which took place in this courtroom scene from that mirror. I remember shaking with excitement here in the area, with bantikom. And here all began to gather in the hall: Alexander Shirvindt, Andrei Mironov, the leading actress of the theatre — the whole “iconostasis” led Pluchek! It is interesting to see what they will show Gurchenko, the actress from “Carnival night”. And I’m in front of them stretched as best he could: he played the accordion, danced, sang, beat tap… And they sat quietly. Just sat and that’s it. And at some point I broke off to polufraze and ask, “why do I go?” In response — silence. Under knock of own heels I got off stage and then, with no one saying goodbye, left. I said to myself that the door of this theater is no longer open… so today I broke the word: I first here after the event”.

Interestingly, after the premiere of the performance staged by Zhitinkin, which was a full house, artistic Director of the theater Valentin Pluchek, came to father and said, “Lucy, I’m proposing to you. Come to our theatre!” She calmly replied: “No, Valentin Nikolaevich! Now I tell you: no.” Resentment of the father did not forget…

“We toured with this performance, America, Israel and Europe — says the Zhitinkin. — On tour Gurchenko just not worn on the hands she loved the audience. Remember, we arrived in Riga. Lucy has a temperature of 39.7. The condition is terrible. But she was playing because I was sold tickets, because the audience wanted to see her… She took revenge! All proved that he can work in the theater, and how!”

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