Кэмерон Диаз боится за своего мужа
The actress planted Benji Madden on a strict diet.

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden


Cameron Diaz, who got engaged to musician
Benji Madanam in 2014, and became his lawful wife in January 2015,the year
adores her husband. But lately the condition of the rocker makes it
fear. The fact that over the last years, especially during the period of the celebration
Thanksgiving, rocker made a remarkable recovery. But there is still Christmas and
New year… And Diaz decided that it is too late, it’s time to take emergency measures.
This was announced by the publication the National

Cameron was introduced to her husband, who
before was inclined to be overweight, “thin waist”. For a start, she put
Benji on a diet, and when convinced that this is not enough, “ordered” him
an intense workout at the gym. She set before him the “most important task”:
to freshen up for Christmas already. The problem is that Madden hates
diet, and exercise. So the actress has to watch her husband,
so he did not shirk his regime.

40-year-old Cameron is so bothered by the figure of Benji at all
not because it’s afraid to love. Diaz fears that the weight gain can
impact on his health. But Cameron is in a real Hollywood
expert in parts of a healthy lifestyle. No wonder she was the author of two
successful books of advice to women on how to make contact with her
body. Interestingly, as admitted recently Diaz, before the release of his first
books, she was so worried that nerves in bed! “I was so afraid
my advice would deem insane or just stupid… fear I just
suffocating!” — said the actress. However, as it turned out, was worried she
it is in vain: both books instantly became bestsellers.