VIDEO: Elena Volatile is not going to open his own coffee shop chain

ВИДЕО: Елена Летучая не собирается открывать собственную сеть кафе
The presenter believes that this is contrary to her work in “Revizorro”.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: TV Channel “Friday!”

Reports that Elena is Flying a businessman and
open a nationwide network of cafes called “Cystocele” upset
TV presenter. “It’s time to put an end to these stupid rumors! I’m not going to open
a restaurant is not merely a Cafe! No Dirty Cafe! No more!” — referred to your comment on the radio one FM stations on this subject TV star.

Volatile is proud of her work, she believes that the program
“Revizorro” changed the consciousness of people. “And despite the fact that the part of hoteliers and
restaurateurs have a special love for me does not feel (as a rule, don’t love me
the ones who I find dirt and overdue), I am proud that me and the channel
“Friday!” managed to do so effective socially significant project. When
the mere mention of my name from unscrupulous hoteliers and
restaurateurs starts to panic. But they only benefit: they quickly
begin to clean up their establishments, throw delay, hire a cleaning
the company… Which, by the way, owes me a certain percentage to pay, because I
so many customers organized,” laughs Elena.

Recall that some time instead of Flying the project was conducted by Olga Romanov. But the audience is still accustomed to Elena, and she returned to the program. In
new season of Flying made a check in Moscow.

“I was a bit hard to withdraw from
myself cry. I’ll never yell, but just smile. And by the way,
it’s good advice. If someone breaks down, do not take this aggression
for themselves. Just smile”, it gives the secret of Flying.

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