Natalie and Anna Sedokova became a large moms!

Натали и Анна Седокова стали многодетными мамочками!
The singers were born long-awaited sons.

Натали и Анна Седокова стали многодетными мамочками!


Photo: Yury Feklistov

Anna Sedokova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

And again the boy is the third — born in a family of singer Natalie. He was born in
normal public hospital, located in the North of the capital. The singer chose this medical center for two
reasons: the first is a small distance from the house, the second is everyone in the hospital
she knows: his son Anatoly was born here. Baby’s weight was 3500 g, height — 51 cm.
Natalie gave birth alone, without caesarean section.

In the family of Natalie and her husband Alexander have brought
15-year-old six-year-old Arseny and Anatoly. It is noteworthy that the singer carefully
hiding her third pregnancy. It became known that Natalie is
an interesting position only in the last months of pregnancy when to hide the belly
became impossible.

To latest hide her pregnancy, and Anna Sedokova. But
if in the case of singer Natalie questions about her pregnancy was not: Natalie
happily married for 25 years, the interesting position Sedokova surprised
public. Moreover, many didn’t believe that the singer really
for a child, until she came to Moscow and staged a presentation of their
new songs.

The singer gave his two daughters a brother. The birth took place in
one of the most famous clinic in Los Angeles where the light had children
Madonna, Mila Jovovich and Christina Aguilera. The Anna has not commented on the birth

Recall that Sedokova has not presented its new
chosen fans. However, the identity of the young man uncovered her ex
mother-in-law. According to her, Sedokova is found with her son Russian
entrepreneur — 25-summer Artem Komarov.

In addition to newborn son, Anna grows up two daughters —
Monica from marriage Maxim Chernyavsky and Alina, whose father, footballer Valentin
Belkevich died in 2014.