ВИДЕО: Екатерина Вуличенко поборола свои страхи
This actress helped beloved husband.

Velichenko, which always gave the impression of a fearless girl,
admitted that as it turns out, was not always the case. To overcome some fears
the actress helped beloved husband of Marat, which she openly said in an interview
the magazine “7 Days”.

“You know,
I used to be a terrible coward. But Marat now nothing to fear, says
Catherine. — Although I agree that many of our adventures are on the brink.
For example, when Marat fulfilled my longtime dream, and he traveled to the United States. I
was in many countries, but America was not developed, I even
get a visa, but something was off. What Marat said, “All
the anniversary of our acquaintance were going to get married in Las Vegas”.

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Then we
decided to visit the national parks of California. But you need to understand that
February in these places is a terrible storm, with rain, wind, melting snow.
But that did not stop us when on a mountain road we decided to get to
Park Sequoia. Fortunately, Marat is able to drive in all conditions, otherwise
it is unknown what would have ended our trip. I think that in our country
no one would be allowed in such weather conditions a few bad tourists in the mountains, but
the Americans only offered to buy over a hundred dollars a special circuit to
wheels. Going to the mountain, see some avalanches of stones, the flow of dirty water.
Scary, but once started, it is probably possible… got to the “Redwoods”. Hail,
shower! We Marat ran up to the tree in one minute under the hoods below
to make the frame. And when on the way back saw the rescuers, I realized that
you have to be very careful.”