Супермен — Генри Кавилл потерял голову от любви
The actor first publicly confessed his feelings.

Супермен — Генри Кавилл потерял голову от любви

Henry Cavill


Lucy Cork

Recently Henry Cavill,
famous for the role of Superman for the first time spoke about his
beloved. He dedicated to her a lengthy message posted on his
a page in a social network. As reported Cavill, he believes that the 25-year-old
the stunt woman Lucy cork girl with
where it is found is currently the best in the world. And all his
previous novels — it’s just an error…

“Purposeful, brave,
strong and committed, which she does – this is my Lucy! She
one of the best cascades in the world!” — proudly said the 34-year-old Cavill. “We all
made a lot of mistakes. Trusted the wrong people, give unnecessary promises… I also
made a lot of mistakes. He had Affairs, which is not proud of. Man
those girls behaved incorrectly. I’ve been hurt — more than once, I also happened
“hurt” others…” he told Henry, whose cork was a whole series
novels. Only in the last couple of years, he managed to meet with 31-year-old
athlete Ellen Whitaker and with a quite young student, Tara king.

With your Lucy actor
met relatively recently— filming the sixth part of the franchise “Mission
impossible.” Cavill fell in love with cork at first sight, and he
not even trying to hide their feelings, so their romance became the subject of
gossip colleagues Henry. And he first brought Lucy in the final
match of the Wimbledon tournament, where he proudly
marched with her arm, still looking at her loving look.