Sasha Savelieva overcame your fear

Саша Савельева поборола свой страх
The singer went down into the mine at depth.

Photo: Instagram

The “Factory” went on tour in Yakutia. The next day after a concert in the city of Neryungri of the singers of the group, Sasha Savelyev, Irina Toneva and Alexander Popov, were brought on a tour of a real mine.

Sasha Savelyev admitted that she was scared to go down there, because she knows how dangerous it can be.

“It will be remembered for a lifetime! — shared the singer with emotion after the tour is over. — When I went into the cut and got into the car, I was very scared, I even went out and was going to go back… And then I realized that I had to overcome that sinking feeling of fear, needs to overcome itself! Glad I trusted the world and still went down into the mine. How serious and important the work of these people under the ground. They’re real supermen! We are proud!”

A colleague of Sasha’s production center singer Victoria Dayneko, after learning about the unusual trip “fabrikantok”, have expressed their concerns.

“Latest news from my home Peace say that mine is deadly and careless operation can cost people’s lives!” She wrote to Sasha.

But Savelyev, who managed personally to ensure that these mines are all arranged at “five” reassured Victoria, “of Course, there is always a risk and it’s dangerous. But we all show and tell, there is modern equipment!”