Video: Beyonce again embarrass at a music festival

Видео: Бейонсе снова оконфузилась на музыкальном фестивале
The singer and her sister collapsed during a speech.


Photo: @beyonce (Beyonce Instagram)

Beyonce this year is not the first time no luck at a music festival Coachella in California. On
recently, speaking on the stage with her sister Solange, the singer danced on
high heels, could not resist and fell. With it collapsed and Solange! However, both beauty is not confused: they pretended that it was meant to.
Beyonce and her sister cheerfully waved his legs in the air, and then quickly
jumped up and continued performance.

For Beyonce this is the second embarrassment for the duration of the festival. In the first
time she was not lucky few days ago, when the singer performed together with two
his former bandmates Destiny’s Child — Michelle Williams and
Rowland, she could not cope with his stage costume. First
Beyonce began sliding her spectacular shiny boots-boots that reached
almost to mid-thigh. And then strap, treacherously slipped off her shoulder during the dance, almost exposed
the breast of the singer. Fortunately, Beyonce both times at the last moment managed to catch
“naughty” part of his attire. And never stopped his
speech, earning applause from the audience, decided that this is a sign of
high professionalism.

also, the singer looked just fine: the fans do not get tired to admire her figure
which is quickly regained after birth. Recall: last summer
Beyonce gave birth to twins, whom she and her husband Jay-Z gave a little
strange names — Rumi and Sir. Besides them, the singer has and older daughter blue ivy, who was for six years.