Olga Ushakova gave birth to her daughter a perfect sister

Ольга Ушакова родила дочкам идеальную сестру
The star of “Good morning” on the First channel enjoys the role of mothers of large families.

Ольга Ушакова родила дочкам идеальную сестру

Olga Ushakova

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TV presenter with her husband Adam and newborn daughter

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The star of “Good morning” on the First channel, which recently became a mother for the third time, shared with 7days.ru details of the happy event. In a Moscow clinic Olga gave birth to a girl, whose name is not yet called. It turned out that for older children the presenter the appearance of the sisters was a surprise!

“That I went into labor, my daughter didn’t even know, at this time, they visited the Pope, — said Olga Ushakova 7days.ru. For them it was a complete surprise when I called them on video and they saw me on the screen with the baby. After talking the girls wrote me a message that my sister turned out exactly like they wanted.” (Laughs.) Olga says that with the advent of the third daughter, she began to feel much happier.

“I enjoy being at home and not in a hurry,” — said TV presenter. Ushakov went on maternity leave six weeks before the expected due date. A wedding with restaurateur Adam the star of “Good morning” was played in Cyprus exactly nine months ago. The groom managed to make friends with two daughters from a previous marriage presenter before the celebration.