Granddaughter of Vladimir Vysotsky is increasing its copy

Внучка Владимира Высоцкого растет его копией
Nina went to the famous grandfather not only appearance, but and talent.

Igor Nikolaev, Nikita Vysotsky with daughter Nina

Igor Nikolaev published a photo, which made a lot of noise
in the Network. The picture shows the singer posing with the son of Vladimir Vysotsky Nikita and
his five year old daughter Nina.

“What a lovely family Nikita Vysotsky! — admires
Nikolaev. — Came to the concert of my friend Dmitry Kharatyan in the club “Nest
capercaillie”. I really liked Nina, granddaughter of Vladimir Semenovich. She is very independent
and already composing songs! May God give her happiness!”

Subscribers microblog singer, where he published the,
admired the resemblance of Nina with the famous grandfather. “The baby’s grandfather’s eyes and
look. So who passed on the talent and looks! What is like a grandfather and
father! Look just grandfather!” commented they published the photo.

Vladimir Semenovich eight grandchildren. The youngest son of actor Nikita
is the father of three children. He has two sons — Daniel and Benjamin, all grown,
and little Nina, was born, when the son of the legendary bard was 48 years.
The eldest son of Vladimir Arkady raised five children: Natalia, Vladimir,
named in honor of his grandfather, Nikita, Michael and Mary.